I started this blog with the sole reason to provide updates of my stock investing views to my family members.

Analysing, buying and holding stocks are very dynamic pursues. My understanding of a company changes constantly whenever new information is available. I read company's quarterly reports and announcements to form my opinion.

I feel bad when I don't tell my cousins, aunties and uncles my latest undervalued stocks positions during family gathering. I feel even worse when I cannot update them with changes due to latest news releases.

I am an accountant by profession so I read financial statements and am able to make money from stock market. But I am by no mean an expert or pro in stock investing. Although I made money from stock market, I didn't achieve the kind of return like Warren Buffet or some level headed good fund managers (the world is full of bad fund managers though).

So if you read this blog, do take my views with a grain of salt.